Pigeon Patrol cleaningThe following questions were asked recently on the Wonderline:

Q: The Lincoln Avenue underpass has been recently painted by city employees. How much was budgeted for this project and what was actually spent, including the city employees’ labor? Also, the pigeons are still roosting in the underpass — how much was spent attempting to stop the pigeons from roosting where they have been for many years?  

A: Mitch Doht, the city’s public works director, says “$165,000 was in this year’s budget for painting the underpass. Informal contractor estimates for the project were around $250,000. I don’t have final numbers on what the city spent because the project is not yet complete and because not all of the expenses have been invoiced, but my feeling is that we should be around $80,000, including all wages, equipment and materials. We only spent half of our budget, and not even one-third of what it would have cost for a contractor to do it. City government at its best, if you ask me. I’m really proud of our employees for the quality job they did and the money they saved taxpayers.”

As far as the pigeon issue, Doht had this informative and yet entertaining message, directed to the pigeons themselves:

“A personal message to all you freeloading pigeons in York. I realize you have been living in the same place for many years, following the same boring routine, into the underpass, out of the underpass, into the underpass, out of the underpass, etc., but today is a new day! Change is a good thing. Spread your wings and find a new place to live. Maybe Seward has an underpass? I realize that York’s city property tax levy is way lower than Seward’s, but you will be so much closer to Lincoln. Imagine the possibilities!  By the way, consider this your eviction notice! I mistakenly left you a couple little spots at the underpass for you and your buddies to fight over, but alas, those too will soon be gone. Good luck and Godspeed!”Pigeon Patrol, Pigeon Deterrent, bird control, pigeon control, bird repellent, bird proof, bird contrl, sound unit, netting bird, bird netting, spikes, pointy things, Ultra-Flex Bird Spikes, bird deterrent, bird spike, bird control, spikes, bird repellent spikes, bird deterrent spikes, steel bird spikes, bird netting, bird control, netting bird, bird repellent, pigeon control, bird proof, bird problems, bird proofing, bird repellers, bird control systems, anti bird, 1-877-4-no-bird, no bird, nobird, bird lazers, bird lasers bird lasers, sonic bird repellers, ultrasonic bird repellers, Get rid of pigeons, pigeon problems, pigeon control system, Keep Pigeons Off, Canada, USA, Manufacturer  bird control, Bird Control Products, bird deterrent, bird net, bird netting, bird removal, bird repellent, bird spike strips, bird spikes, birds off, building maintenance, Integrated Pest Supplies Ltd, Pest Control Products, New Westminster, BC,building maintenance birds, building maintenance tips, get rid of birds, how to get rid of birds, pigeon control, scare birds, stop bird, High frequencies, ultrasonic ,sonic , sound waves ,roof tops, ledges, balconies, buildings ,warehouses, bird sound deterrents, physical bird deterrents ,visual bird deterrents, disinfectant, Tubesonic, keep birds out, pest bird, how to get rid of bird, electric shock, bird deterrent system, keep birds away, pest bird problems, plastic bird spikes, scare birds, bird off get, suppliers of bird control, Integrated Pest Control, intergraded, intergratedpestsupplies, pigeon spikes, bird spikes, pigeon deterrent, get rid of pigeons, pigeon control, bird spike, pigeon deterrents, how to get rid of pigeons

And he added, regarding the cost of pigeon proofing, that it “wasn’t much.”

Q: Every summer the City street department repairs and fills cracks in streets, however this year this job has not been done yet. Will this project be completed yet this summer or did the Lincoln Avenue underpass project take away the workers from other necessary street repair projects?

A: Doht responds, “They tell me that it has actually been many years since pavement crack sealing has been done in York. The city’s tar machine is a piece of crap and it wasn’t working for several years. So I borrowed a pavement router (Thanks Tom and Harv!), leased a tar machine, and we are back at it this year, and will be every year while I’m in charge.

“I totally agree that this type of work is necessary. A formal pavement preservation program is one of my goals for the street department. Well-timed, routine maintenance strategies can save us so much money over the life of a pavement.

“You are also correct, in that every project we do takes away from every other project on the list. Does that make sense? I’m not sure that people understand that we have a much longer list of needs than what will ever get done with our current resources. We do our best to prioritize projects and really try to make a difference. Thankfully, crack seal and underpass painting both made the cut this year. Crack sealing work has already started at several locations in town.  Those areas will be finished in the next few weeks.  A much larger pavement preservation project will happen this fall or next spring, depending upon how the new budget is finalized.”

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