Pigeon PatrolThane: The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) is embroiled in a battle between a housing society and animal activists over a poster regarding the non-feeding of animals near Hiranandani Meadows. A poster was put up outside Niharika society stating that animals in the area cannot be fed and anyone found flouting rules would be fined. This notice was, however, removed on Thursday night and no one has any clue about who has taken it out.

Residents of the society said that they were facing a lot of problems because of the continuous feeding of birds in the area. They then put forth the matter before the TMC on March 7, who then put up the poster, which also had a TMC logo at the bottom.

However, this didn’t go down well with animal activists. The NGO, Plants and Animals Welfare, then sent a three-page letter to the TMC chief stating that they were being unjust to the animals. In fact, the founder of the NGO Nilesh Bhanage claimed that the poster was put up by the residents and not the TMC. He also claimed that that the TMC officials had taken down the poster on Thursday.

”After a correspondence with the TMC chief we learnt that no authority was given to put up such a poster outside the society. When the TMC officials realized that such a poster was put up they took it down,” Bhanage said

”While we don’t have a problem with the residents requesting people not to feed the pigeons in the area, we are only against the banning of feeding of all animals in the area,” Bhanage said.

Meanwhile, residents refuted all allegations and said that they were not involved in putting up the poster. They claimed that it was the TMC itself who had put it up. ”All we did was approach the civic officials with our grievances. They were very supportive and the next day the board was put up. A few officials even patrolled the area and stopped people from feeding the pigeons,” a resident said.

The civic chief was not available for comment. However, the PRO has assured that the matter would be looked into and necessary steps would be taken.


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