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Municipal Corporation got post mortem done from Government Veterinary Dispensary, Haibowal. The report was out on Saturday which said that ‘even healthy birds have died showing symptoms of electrocution.’

Talking to Newsline, A S Sekhon, health wing incharge of MC, said, “Postmortem has confirmed that reason behind death was electrocution. “It has been found through the colour of the birds after death and absence of injuries.

“The report adds that entire internal functioning stopped suddenly which is not at all a possibility unless something happens like electrocution. Also majority of birds that died were healthy.” He added that MC was able to recover around 25 dead birds and post mortem was performed on three of them.

Also since, there was no wire or pole near the spot, thunderstorm is being suspected as reason of electrocution. On Thursday night, the city witnessed hailstorm and thunderstorm.

Morning walkers at Nehru Rose Garden were in for a horrendous surprise on Friday morning when carcass of numerous pigeons were scattered all around the place.

City’s rose garden presents an utter dismal picture as it once had a full fledged zoo which stored monkeys, deer, ducks and rabbits for children to visit. Now it houses nothing except pigeons after similar incident happened on 2012 when rabbits were found dead on April 28 and reportedly the cage was left open due an employee’s negligence.

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