Pigeon PatrolPigeons living on the third floor ohhh No!!!.

Gretna City Hall, built in 1907 to serve as the Jefferson Parish courthouse, is in need of critical repairs that the mayor and council members say will have to be made within the next few years.

On a recent walkthrough, she said, an official from the state Office of Facility Planning and Control looked at the council chamber’s variable air damper and said he had never seen one that old before.With many parts of the system dating back to the 1960s, the piecemeal approach to upkeep is expensive, and each solution is likely to create another problem. “You start fooling with these panels, they have carbon streaks, rust, corrosion … and before you know it, you destroy something else,” Folse said. He told the council there is evidence that pigeons are coming in and out of the building on the third floor.  New District 4 Councilman Jackie Berthelot called the building’s condition “deplorable.”

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