pigeon patrol Almost 20 birds have been found dead at a Perth train station and are suspected of having been intentionally poisoned after a mystery blue bucket was left at the site.

Burswood train station was shut down about 9:15pm on Saturday when 19 pigeons were found dead around the station.

A container holding bird seed, mixed with an unidentified black toxic fluid, was found in a garden at the station, a Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) spokesman said.

He said the birds were attracted by the substance and had been feeding on the contents of the container – believed to be a blue bucket.

Fire crews, chemical experts and police were called to investigate.

The area was closed off while workers in Hazmat suits poured sand on the liquid and secured the contents of the container in a drum.

The station reopened and train services resumed around 10:15pm, after the substance and dead pigeons were removed.

The Public Transport Authority (PTA) said it was unaware who left the bucket containing the “contaminated grain” in the garden.

A spokesman said the PTA would review CCTV footage from Burswood station as part of its investigation.

The DFES spokesman said it would not be known what product was in the container for a few days.

The drum will be sent to the ChemCentre in Bentley for testing when it re-opens on Tuesday.

Pest experts have told the ABC the product found in the bucket was not used for commercial pest control.

Council ‘not responsible’

The Town of Victoria Park said it had nothing to do with the bird deaths.

“The Town is not responsible for the recent deaths of birds on the Public Transport Authority land near Burswood Station,” Mayor of Victoria Park Trevor Vaughan said.

“We are continuing to work closely with authorities to investigate who is responsible and why this incident occurred.

“Any suspicious bird or other animal deaths should be reported to the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

“If you see anyone behaving suspiciously please call the police.”

Police said they were not involved in the investigation into the suspected poisoning.

Crown Perth, located adjacent to the train station, was unavailable for comment.


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