The Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) found a pigeon with singed feathers and “scorched shut” eyes following an explosion under a downtown Toronto bridge late last month.

On Nov. 26, emergency crews responded to Bathurst Street and Fort York Boulevard just after 11 p.m., following reports of an explosion underneath the bridge.

Videos circulated on social media with loud noises and heavy plumes of smoke billowing from the bridge.Pigeon Patrol Pigeon

No human injuries were reported, but TWC says a pigeon was unable to escape from the flames unharmed.

“Several days after the explosion, Ariel spotted this helpless pigeon walking along the pavement,” TWC said in a Facebook post shared Friday. “His precious feathers were all singed and his typically bright orange eyes were scorched shut, leaving him practically blind.”

Ariel, whose last name was not shared in the post, called TWC’s wildlife hotline, where the bird was quickly admitted.

Upon medical inspection, one of TWC’s wildlife rehabilitation managers saw the pigeon had burns all over his body, and wings. There were even some marks inside the bird’s mouth, the centre said.

“With a gentle touch, she cleaned his wounds and gave him antibiotics to prevent infection and medicine to ease his pain,” the post reads.

A warm compress helped the bird to open his eyes again, but TWC says he will still need some treatment to heal fully.

“We are so grateful for those in the community who show pigeons the compassion they deserve,” the organization said. “This little patient will continue to receive the care he needs until he’s ready to fly again.”


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