Contractors tackling the long-running pigeon problem at the Scottish Parliament have issued a warning about the potential health risks of bird muck on the building

This is not a recent problem. It was obvious from occasional visits years ago.

Maybe if it had been a more conventional design, this bizarre occurrence wouldn’t be happening.

Keep those windows open to ventilate for covid but never mind what untold diseases you might catch from pigeons.

Aberdeen train station has a weird electronic bird of prey which seems to keep pigeons away. The recording of the screeching sound is quite convincing and the silhouette is quite good too. The mechanical wing movement, not so much.

Would imagine they won’t be long in throwing resources at it unlike the damp and infestation in the housing that they turn a blind eye to.

Pigeons have done more for the people of the UK than that place. Flatten it, sack them and plant some trees.

Well that may be the excuse the other parties needed to say the SNP is suffering from mad doo disease!

Has anyone considered what the poor pigeons might catch from those that are already in that place.

Pigeons are more astute than I gave them credit for!

Is this not an issue at the new infirmary building too?

Chuck a loaf or two of bread on the building a day, keep them well fed.

I work in a pharmacy and we (so far) have had supplies coming in daily. We were only without any for a couple of hours and that’s only because people were constantly coming in for them, don’t panic there will be enough.

They were handing them out in Dobbies the other day; don’t know if they do this every day.

Costco were giving them out today.

Testing should only be done when someone feels unwell.

I made a fortune from my mates, isolation over in time for the New Year.

You can get them at testing center’s – got one today.

Yes, always managed to get them online or at the local chemist.

Shambles! Cheese and wine more important!

Yes, I was given some last week when I had my booster.

No, can’t find any. I’m asthmatic and have COPD – it scares me that I can’t find any.

Handing them out in Midlothian Community Hospital.

Yes, got some yesterday at Ainslie Park Leisure Centre.

Piershill has become a battleground of wills between residents and the council over how bins should be serviced

Edinburgh council should give themselves a round of applause. Well done in transforming one of the most beautiful cities in the world into a third world slum.


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