At Pigeon Patrol we like to share what we know about pigeons so you know what you are dealing with with this pigeon advisory

pigeon egg

Breeding period: All year round

Nest: Rough nest made with twigs usually on or in buildings and never in trees

Number of eggs: 2 white eggs

Incubation period: 18/19 days

Fledging period: 25/32 days (up to 45 days in winter)

Food: Seed eater that will exploit multiple food sources including waste food in urban areas and deliberate feeding by the public. 

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Pigeons are commonly found roosting and breeding in roof voids and attic spaces with property owners often needing to exclude them and block up the entry/exit holes. It is important to be aware that because the pigeon breeds all-year round there is never a safe time to exclude birds when there will not be pigeon squabs (chicks) or flightless juvenile birds in situ. Blocking access holes may result in adult and flightless birds becoming trapped. Apart from the obvious humanitarian implications there are serious health and safety implications for the property owner concerned. If birds die as a result of having been sealed inside a void of any description the decomposing carcasses will become maggot-infested within a matter of days, particularly in summer months.

What you can do to prevent pigeon nuisances: 

  1. Remove all FOOD AND WATER SOURCES from the property 
  1. Remove all BIRD WASTE, feathers and abandoned nesting materials 
  1. Discourage ROOSTING with wire or nylon mesh or other materials 
  1. Maintain property in a clean, nuisance-free condition at all times 
  1. Do NOT feed pigeons 

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Pidgeon Patrol has pioneered highly effective methods of controlling pigeon population in your area please check out our products to see how you can deal with unwanted pidgeons in your home today.