pigeon.jpg-pwrt3NORTH PEKIN — The Village Board on Monday approved an ordinance that will allow residents to own chickens, rabbits, pigeons and doves in the village limits, and another ordinance that prohibits other farm animals.

Trustees Suzan Tisdale, Gene Wamsley, Russ Blumenstock, Alex Lambie and Kathe Curless voted in favor of the ordinances. Trustee Kenney Simmons was absent. Both ordinances take effect immediately.

The first ordinance requires residents wishing to keep chickens, rabbits, pigeons and doves to obtain a free permit from the village. A resident may have only six chickens, 12 pigeons or doves, and 12 rabbits. Permits only will be issued to residents of single family lots. The housing for the animals must be 10 feet from the rear property line and side property line of a lot. The pens cannot be in the side or front yard. The shelter must be kept clean, the ordinance said.

The pens and shelters must be covered and ventilated to protect the animals from bad weather. Electric service to the structure cannot be provided by an electrical extension cord. Storage vessels containing feed for the animals must be impervious to pests and vermin, the ordinance said.

Violations of the ordinance will result in a fine of $50 to $300. For each subsequent violation, the homeowner can be fined not less that $100 nor more than $500. A separate offense means each and every day the violation continues, the ordinance said.

The board also approved an ordinance prohibiting horses, bees, cattle, sheep, ponies, goats, mules, pigs, swine, hogs, ducks, geese, roosters, minks, foxes, or any other livestock, poultry or wild or vicious animals dangerous to humans. If such an animal is found in the possession of a resident it will be confiscated. If a police officer deems the animal an immediate danger to a human, it can be killed by the officer. The owner can be responsible for the cost of impounding or killing the animal.

Mayor Steve Flowers, who only votes if a super majority or a tie-breaking vote is needed, said Tuesday there have been multiple requests over the past few years for the village to allow chickens and other animals. The board thought it was appropriate to allow residents to have such animals to “offset food bills” because of the economy. He said there was no opposition to the two ordinances.

Flowers said the ordinance protects residents as well by requiring that all of the animals be kept in pens. He said the village does not want free-roaming chickens.

The village researched the Tazewell County ordinance and those of other municipalities and came up with the document passed Monday, said Flowers.


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