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The RSPCA says discarded fishing nets, unkempt bird-deterrent nets and goal nets could injure birds and other wildlife during the summer months.

RSPCA wildlife scientific officer Llewelyn Lowen said: “Netting that is not maintained, repaired and tended to regularly enough poses a serious threat to wildlife.

“The same also stands for sports nets that are not tidied away when they are not in use. Netting is of a nature that when it is blown away it can quickly entangle animals, particularly wildlife, causing them distress and injury.”

The RSPCA receives around 2,000 reports of birds and other wildlife being trapped by netting each year.

Llewelyn said: “Netting such as goal nets pose a real hazard to our wildlife and sadly we get too many calls to injured wild animals that are trapped in them.

“There is a really simple way to prevent this from happening and that is for nets to be removed after use and safely stored away.

“We would ask people who use deterrent netting on buildings to ensure that it is maintained and that netting in goals or elsewhere is rolled away properly when not in use.

“Members of the public can also help by safely disposing of litter such as netting that they find littering both rural and urban areas.

“Garden netting or chicken wire should never be used as building deterrent netting and owners could consider enclosures using weld-mesh around pens and enclosures as this is harder for foxes to get into and is less likely to entangle them or other wild animals such as hedgehogs.”

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