pigeons-istock_650x400_51448962427Hoards of pigeons are damaging homes and creating havoc in Makkah, according to the city’s residents.
Spokesman for Makkah Municipality Osama Zaytooni said a number of residents are complaining that pigeons are ruining their crops and trees, and leaving their droppings in backyards and across rooftops.
“There are pigeons in great numbers almost everywhere you go,” Zaytooni said. “Although some might enjoy the beautiful bird and feed them as they are passing by, most people are fed up with the mess pigeons leave behind.”
He added that the municipality is also struggling with the problem, as they are creating a mess in Makkah’s streets and parks.
“Every day, we send workers to clean the streets as pigeons leave their droppings, dirtying the streets and ruining the grass in the parks,” Zaytooni said. “It is costing the municipality a lot of money.”
He also said some people have taken matters into their own hands and begun killing pigeons, but the municipality does not condone acts of animal cruelty.
“Some people have set up electric wires on their windowsills to prevent pigeons from nesting there,” Zaytooni said. “Others simply shoo them away and some have hired exterminators. Some would even drive through the middle of a pigeon herd and run over whatever obstructs their way.”
Zaytooni said the municipality has contracted a company to capture the pigeons and not kill them.
“Even though their numbers are destroying the nature of the city, they are still animals and they have their rights.”
Zaytooni said the municipality plans to capture a good number of pigeons to reduce their density and are also investigating a reproduction control strategy to ensure the problem doesn’t recur.


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