This is the meme. A man gestures towards a butterfly and asks, is this a pigeon?IMAGE SOURCE,SUNRISE
image captionIs this a meme?

2018 is becoming the year old memes come back to life.

When a 2011 meme called American Chopper re-emerged on Twitter in 2018, the BBC explored how a meme about two men arguing had lived a second life long after its first.

Now the feat has been repeated, as a 2011 image macro (a still picture with text imposed) asking if a butterfly is a pigeon has surged in popularity seven years later.

In the widely shared image, a character from a Japanese anime gestures towards a butterfly and asks: “Is this a pigeon?”

Is this an old meme?

The image can be traced back to Indizi dell’avvenuta catastrofe on Tumblr, who posted it as an example of amusing subtitles in anime.

It was used in 2011 as a reaction image – posted to show confusion or suggest another person’s opinion did not make sense.

Seven years after its original appearance online, the pigeon meme reappeared with text added to ask if “literally anything” was a “big mood” on Twitter.

A “big mood” is a Twitter term used to express approval or the fact a user agrees with or can identify with an item of tweeted content.


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