While pigeons are well known for living in cities, they’ll find their habitats anywhere. And whether you have an outdoor space that’s acres large or just a tiny balcony, you’ll likely receive visits from pigeons from time to time. A few pigeon coos or some droppings on your driveway may not be a huge concern. But if those harmless visits are turning into a constant nuisance, like excessive noise or cars coated in droppings, and you need to know how to deter pigeons, the steps below provide plenty of solutions to this problem.

So how do you get rid of pigeons? Start by eliminating any access to food sources, then follow up with deterrents that prevent them from landing or nesting near your home. It sounds simple, but if the problem of how to get rid of pigeons becomes too overwhelming, it may be best to call in the help of a professional from one of the best pest control companies that also offer wildlife control.

Before You Begin…

When wondering how to keep pigeons off your roof or how to keep pigeons off a balcony, it’s important to note that although they may seem harmless, pigeons can pose more of a problem than you may initially think. Pigeons are communal creatures, and large gatherings can cause excessive noise. Pigeon droppings are relatively acidic, and they can eat away at roofing materials and car paint if not removed. Plus, pigeon droppings can obscure a home’s solar panels, meaning that the solar panels can’t work as efficiently.

Droppings can also spread disease, and exposure to the birds could cause illness, especially in those who are immunocompromised. Pigeons themselves can carry a variety of parasites, such as ticks. If you have a significant pigeon problem, it may be worth contacting a professional who can use the proper tools and techniques to keep the birds away. It may even help to call an expert for advice before you invest time and money into various DIY methods—what may seem like a minor issue to you could be a larger-scale problem that definitely requires a pro’s help. Talking to a professional first can help you determine the full scope of the pigeon problem and what exactly will be needed to fix it.

Tips for Getting Rid of Pigeons

  • Remove or secure any potential food sources, such as trash cans or compost receptacles.
  • Apply bird spikes, netting, and reflective tape or shock strips, and set up a faux owl or hawk figure near the spot they frequent most.

Safety Considerations

  • If the pigeons leave a significant number of droppings around the home, exposure could cause illness.
  • Before attempting to trap or remove a pigeon from the inside of the home, it’s wise to contact an exterminator or animal control specialist first.


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