Pigeons and humans have lived together for thousands of years. Outside the cozy appearance of pigeons on large squares, pigeons can cause a lot of discomfort. There are very many different types of pigeons in the world, and only some species give people trouble.

This mainly concerns those species that live in cities and towns. They can occur in large numbers and multiply very rapidly. The city pigeons today are actually feral domestic pigeons that have been bred for centuries and originally stem from the rock dove

Pigeon droppings look awful on your roof and the uric acid (that white stuff) in the poo can damage your house. In addition, the droppings contain bacteria and fungi that can be dangerous to humans. Some examples are Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Psittacosis.

Home remedies for pest control are a great safe, affordable and eco-friendly alternative repellents to store-bought products, and below are some awesome tricks on how to get rid of pigeons on your roof. So, read on to find the best repellents for these pests!

First Off: Why Are They There?

If you suffer from pigeons on your roof, you must first ask why the birds are there. They might be there because there is a source of food and water. So to start off you must remove those. Never feed the pigeons. Make sure no one in your family or any of your neighbours feeds them. Pigeons like to eat grass seeds, berries and dog or cat food. Make sure the pigeons can not find anything to eat.

Pigeons might also like to use your roof or attic as their breeding grounds. The easiest way to discourage their nesting is to take away any access points they use. Below you will find various repellent methods to do just so.

7 Simple Tactics: How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Now its time for business. If you have pigeons on your roof, consider one of the 7 ways to get rid of them quick-smart. These methods are very effective when it comes to removing pest in your attics.

1. Use a Slinky

A nice alternative to bird spikes is using a Slinky. Attach it along the roof or balcony edge, with the circles not more than one finger length apart. Secure it tightly with tape or wire every 8 inches. The pigeons will not like it because they can’t hang out on your property. This has become a very popular and safe repellent for these unwanted birds.

2. Use A Standard Water Hose

You can also use a garden hose as a weapon in the battle against pigeons. The birds hate it if there is a strong jet of water directed onto them. You have to repeat this for a while, so they know you mean business.

3. Block Off All Entrances

This is a point we stress in our other pest removal or repellent guides: Ensure that pigeons can not get in. Once they’re in your attic, more and more pigeons will settle down on and around your house.

Make sure the attic and vents are properly screened off to keep birds and other animals from entering. Fill large openings and windows with heavy curtains or plastic strips to make it difficult to enter. If they can come in, make sure that the birds can not sit anywhere.

Close off corners where birds like to build nests with sturdy cloth and plaster. In large open areas such as barns and attics, you can close the spots above the rafters with oversized pigeon nets.

4. Mirrors and Noise

Use reflective objects. It is worth trying to use reflective tape on your roof edge, or hanging objects that make noise or balloons to scare off the pigeons. For instance, let some firecrackers go off any time a pigeon lands somewhere. Make sure to use firecrackers that are not dangerous for children. This bird repellent is as easy as it can be, and it works every single time!

5. String

Bind strings or rope from one end to the other where birds like to sit down. They won’t be able to find their balance for landing. Use rope that is not affected by the weather.

6. Spicy Pigeon Repellent

Pigeons do not like it spicy. Sprinkle cajun pepper, cinnamon or pepper in places where birds often sit. Do not be stingy with spices and repeat it after rain.

7. Birds of Prey

Use birds of prey to scare away pigeons. Unless you happen to have a bird of prey as a pet, you can buy a plastic or stone statue of an owl or hawk. Put it on the spot where the birds often sit. Unfortunately, this does not work forever, because the pigeons will ultimately understand the fake bird never moves.


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