IMG_1276The French Market Corporation used “bait feeders with Avitrol, an avian toxicant that targets the motor nervous system,” in an effort to control the pigeon population around its open-air market operation in the French Quarter, New Orleans officials told WWL-TV. “The feeders were taken away because the city’s pest control board determined it’s not the most effective way to reduce pigeon populations in areas where a lot of people gather.”

WWL-TV said it could only find three pigeons for an hour around lunch time Monday. The state reported that one woman recorded a pigeon Friday appearing to have a seizure.

The French Market Corporation issued the following statement:

“The French Market Corporation was taking proactive steps to control pigeon populations. Pigeons can be a public health threat and are prone to carry disease. Through an independent pest control company, the French Market placed bait feeders with Avitrol around the market. Avitrol is an EPA-approved method of controlling pigeon populations. The New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board has since advised the French Market to explore other nonchemical solutions to control pigeon populations, and the French Market has since removed the bait feeders.

“Over the past few years, the FMC has taken a number of steps to improve the market experience and to reduce nuisance pests like pigeons by improving garbage removal and excluding food sources utilized by pests. Visitors are encouraged to refrain from feeding pigeons and to properly dispose of any garbage.”


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