pigeon patrolIN RESPONSE to feedback on the pigeon nuisance, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) works with the relevant stakeholders, such as the town councils and the National Environment Agency (NEA), to implement measures to mitigate the issue, including control measures to manage the pigeon population in the area and maintain the cleanliness of the area (“After the rats, deal with the pigeons” by Miss Ng J-Cyn; Feb 18).

Pigeons and other birds are attracted to food premises due to the availability of food scraps. NEA has reminded the table-cleaning contractor at the Ghim Moh temporary market to step up the clearing of tables and soiled crockery.

Patrons can also help by not littering, not leaving scraps on tables and returning used crockery to tray return points.

AVA also enforces the law against the feeding of pigeons. The feeding of pigeons will encourage them to multiply, which will result in pigeon-related problems and undesirable hygiene conditions.


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