Birds are lovely creatures, some species more than others.  Birds can also be a costly nuisance if they are congregating on your roof or in your yard. 

Pigeon droppings are highly acidic and in large enough quantities can damage your roof or the finish of your car over time.  They are also unsightly and can smell, particularly in the summer heat.  It’s important to take action if pigeons have begun to make your home theirs. They are gregarious birds and congregate in large flocks.

Pigeons may be using your home or property for landing, feeding, nesting, or all three.  A comprehensive strategy will make these unattractive options for these birds.

The first step is to eliminate or control all food sources that may be attracting the birds. Any open food source such as seeds from a songbird feeder, open trash cans or the like will be drawing them to your yard.  You may even need to eliminate certain plants or shrubs that are providing dinner to the pigeons, particularly ones that produce edible seeds or berries.


Make landing and perching difficult or uncomfortable to minimize pigeon visits.  A reputable pest control company can advise you on the appropriate methods for your home, but these may include physical deterrents, such as bird spikes or netting, or electric shock systems that can be installed on ledges or rooflines.

The same theory applies to eliminating access to any possible nesting sites such as gutters, ledges, window air conditioners or chimney pots.  All these access points need to be sealed or blocked to prevent pigeons from setting up house.  If you make your home and property unattractive and inaccessible pigeon flocks will look elsewhere.

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