PigeonAs complaints about pigeons in Uptown Greenwood continue to roll in from business owners, the City of Greenwood is considering options for dealing with the problem.

Greenwood City Council heard options for dealing with the problem during their monthly work session last Monday. City manager Charlie Barrineau said the pigeons have been a problem for a number of years, but the problem has gotten worse since many of the buildings along Main Street in Uptown have undergone renovations. Many of the birds had nested in some of those buildings and have been forced to move. The birds have settled in the arcades in Uptown Greenwood.

Barrineau told council that he found a company which specializes in solving problems with birds, though Barrineau noted pigeons would always be a problem. Barrineau also said there was no guarantee that what is done will be of any long term help in solving the problem. City workers spend a significant amount of time cleaning up the droppings from the pigeons in Uptown, Barrineau said. Mayor Welborn Adams said he has received a number of calls about the issue.

The first option Barrineau presented to council was an owl statue. Owls are natural predators of pigeons. The statues would keep the pigeons at bay a week or two, Barrineau said, but they would figure out the owl is not moving and come right back. The other option was to place bird spikes along the ledges in the arcades and netting to prevent the birds from entering areas where they nest and cause the most damage. The netting is similar to what is used behind home plate at baseball fields to stop foul balls from flying into the stands.

The cost for all three arcades would be about $15,000 Barrineau said, and would still be no guarantee the problem would be solved. The cost do one of the arcades as a beta test would be about $6,500 and would allow council to see if the spikes and netting will work before laying out the remainder of the cash for the other two arcades. The funding for the project will come from existing hospitality tax funds.

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