pigeon27PIGEONS are no stranger to the Worcester streets, but most of the time they are the usual dull grey variety.

But one brightly-coloured visitor added an unusual splash of colour.

Worcester News reader Becca Rammell sent in these pictures of a pink coloured pigeon she spotted in Worcester High Street near WHSmiths at about 4pm on Saturday, September 19.

This may be one of a flock of unusually brightly-coloured birds spotted throughout the country earlier this year.

A number of reports of pink pigeons were made during the summer in areas including Stockport in Greater Manchester, Milton Keyes, West Yorkshire, Surrey and Northumberland, leading to a number of theories including a new breed or the after effects of eating pink food.

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But it later emerged pigeon keeper Sher Singh from Bristol had been painting his bird’s feathers in pink fabric dye to protect them from falcons, claiming it would make them difficult to spot for the birds of prey. But he later agreed to stop the practice after learning it could be harmful to the pigeons.


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