Pigeons patrol on a LedgePIGEONS, bats, wood lice and a cat are living in Borough Corporation’s main administrative building.

On Thursday, some workers signed the register and left the building at around 1 p.m. after a meeting with the union.

Yesterday, Duke said they were told to report for duty, but if there was no improvement at the building, “they could sign and leave”.

That action will continue until staff moves to the Corporation’s new building, he said. “There is no fire alarm in the building, no evacuation plan, no smoke detector, no fire extinguishers. There are bats, pigeons living in the roof, there is a cat living in the roof, wood lice throughout the entire building,” said Duke.

When it rained, the building was flooded and there was strong scent emanating from the sewage system, Duke  said.

Workers complained about rashes and respiratory problems, he said. “We are calling on the authorities that are responsible to make ready the new building and to put things in place. Remedy the problems, outfit it and let the workers work in the building.”

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