They tried almost everything to shoo away the pigeons that had taken over the entire apartment complex. They laid nets along the building, employed a worker to drive away the roosting pigeons and got iron grills for their windows.
But none of these devices deterred the adaptive “blue rock” pigeons which had made Spartan Apartments on Richmond Road their abode here.
The residents have now found a way to keep the rock pigeons at bay. Some residents were aggravating the situation by feeding the pigeons which proved to be a force multiplier for avian.
Finally, the apartment owners, with the help of bird experts, tried something unique.
pigeon patrolThey fixed an acoustic box emitting sounds of different birds and it worked. When sounds like pigeons in distress, or predator birds like falcons started coming out of the box, the pigeons flew away, scared by the alien sounds.
The box emits the sounds for one minute; then there’s a gap of three minutes before it starts blaring out once again.
The residents’ association in this apartment building have now launched a massive awareness drive, asking people not to feed the pigeons, which would encourage them to nest in the shafts.
“The acoustic boxes have helped somewhat but some of the birds try to come back, knowing that the box will not harm them. Now the developers of the box are trying different sounds so that the birds are kept at bay,” they said.


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