Pigeon Patrol MealAs many as 1000 pigeons trapped or killed by a pest control firm in Amsterdam end up on dinner plates as pate. There have been massive amounts of pigeons around the area that they’ve been called sky vermin. This has led to a pest exterminating company to the idea of selling pigeons to butchers. After being caught, pigeons are sold to butchers across the city to be made into pate.

With the use of Bird Deterrents such as Ultra-Bird Spikes or Bird Netting, the areas with great amounts of pigeons could have been controlled or the products could have been put in place as an animal friendly solution.


Pigeons spread disease easily due to the fact that they can travel great distances, harbor over forty different types of parasites, and can host sixty different types of diseases. Without proper health regulations, this dish poses a lot of health risks.

As Pigeons are not protected, the pest control company can catch and do as they please with them. I don’t know how they are treating these animals but let’s hope they are as animal friendly as Pigeon Patrol is.

Full Story: http://www.forbes.com/sites/ceciliarodriguez/2014/01/25/amsterdams-pigeons-turned-into-pate/