– Pigeons can inbreed exactly up to 21 times before the effects become detrimental

– Pigeons can navigate via the earth’s magnetic fields

– Pigeons always lay at least 2 eggs with each one being a male and a female

– Pigeons have been known to live over 30 years

– Pigeons are also known as the ‘Rats of the Sky’




– Pigeons are an invasive species, shrinking the population of smaller birds when theirs  increases

– Diseases are transferable from pigeon to humans– such include tuberculosis,  ornithosis, and salmonellosis

– Bird Fancier’s Lung, also called Pigeon-Breeder’s lung is a condition caused by bird   poop. It causes the lungs to become inflamed with a granuloma formation

– A full grown pigeon has 10,000 feathers


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