Ho HO this a a whopper of a story that Pigeon Patrol came across :

‘Pigeon Lady of Pimlico’ Nadia Lee, 67, spent 25 years fattening pigeons in the exclusive London

Pigeon Patrol feeding

Here Chicky Chicky!!

borough, much to the dismay of locals.

She became renowned for scooping stricken birds up into her Gucci handbag and taking them to her home and then rubbed the birds in lavender.

Lee, who suffers from multiple personality disorder, was deemed unfit to plead to the charges.

The problem is the feeding of pigeons on a huge scale, which causes serious disturbance to those around her.

‘I then catch them in a net, which I carry with me everywhere I go.

‘Then I put them in Gucci bags hanging off my Mamas & Papas pram. I take them home and take the string off their feet, rub them in lavender and treat them with homeopathy.

Wow not I have seen it all. We need to send over some bird spikes or Ultrasonic repellers for this area to use to help ward off their pigeon problem.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2535828/Pigeon-Lady-Pimlico-Guilty-flouting-ASBO-banning-feeding-birds-woman-spotted-scooping-sick-creatures-Gucci-handbag-rubbing-LAVENDER.html#ixzz2pr2VLiMK