One New Yorker was thoughtful enough to capture the grisly scene on film so we can all marvel at the city’s wildlife.

New York City is a lush, majestic landscape teeming with wildlife—and not just street punk warthogs who dress like they listen exclusively to PiL. The city is home to deer, coyotes, an unnerving number of loose crabs, and, apparently, at least one vicious raven.

Earlier this week, NYC subway riders were treated to the sight of a raven completely mutilating a still-living pigeon right on the above-ground Kings Highway Q platform. One courageous straphanger was thoughtful enough to capture the entire grisly scene on film, so we can all bask in the wonders of New York City nature.

“New York City, it’s either eat or be eaten,” a guy in the video says while the raven mercilessly pecks the guts right out of a flapping pigeon’s chest cavity. “This dude just ate his whole stomach out!” The camera briefly pans away from the Lecter-like bird to another pigeon, who stands awkwardly a few feet away, ignoring his brethren’s disembowelment.

The dying pigeon’s flaps grow weaker as the raven splays its guts across the concrete platform. Finally, borrowing a page from Kano in Mortal Kombat, the raven tears the pigeon’s beating heart out and flies away, leaving only a tattered carcass in its wake.

Watch the entire low-budget Planet Earth scene above and marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature while one bird shreds the innards of another bird. Have a great morning everybody!


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