Every time I see many pigeons perched on wires, they are sitting far apart from each other.

The only reason I can think of is that they need space between each other in the event that they have to escape predators fast without hitting one another.

Good theory, but scientists actually have studied the distance between not only pigeons but other birds. They have determined it’s not to make it easier to take flight or land. The birds could easily do that in less space.


Blackbirds on power lines theory is that it’s a self-governing system to prevent conflicts among the birds.

They create some personal space by perching far enough apart that it would take some effort to start a fight with another bird.

Humans do it, too. Think about the last time you stood in line and the person behind you was practically breathing down your neck.

Having your space violated can make you pretty grumpy. And because the person is close, it makes it easy to accidentally on purpose step on their toes.

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