Affectionately known by most people as rats with wings, sky rats, gutter birds and flying ashtrays, pigeons must be one of the most unloved birds around.

The hatred can be extreme, with extreme pigeon fearing labelled as peristerophobia, but it is so widely shared several clothing manufacturers produce “I hate pigeons” T-shirts.

The mayor of New York’s latest operation in the Pigeon War, he is defending his ban on feeding in court. He opened hostilities several years ago, throwing money and some interesting tactics at the problem – a pair of Harris hawks being just one.

Pigeons are seen as the disease-ridden source of myriad droppings.


We will poop on everything you love

We will poop on everything you love

But when it comes to hating pigeons, the focus of most people’s dislike is the feral pigeon. It is a domesticated rock dove that has returned to wild or semi-wild conditions. It is usually grey and can be seen in most villages, towns and cities across the UK – and Europe.

They are known to be susceptible to some diseases like tuberculosis, although no more so than any other bird species or wild animals. But the fact there are so many of them means people have good reason to raise the point, argue critics. There are millions.

We share the UK with an estimated 18 million feral pigeons and they can breed up to up to six times a year. They are one of the few birds recognised by the government as a nuisance pest and can be controlled using humane methods and with a licence.

The sheer scale of numbers has resulted in two other commonly cited criticisms – they damage property and drive out other bird species.




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