The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is trying to figure out who is poisoning pigeons at a shopping center in Union County.

The organization posted a video on Facebook showing the disturbing effects on one of the birds believed to have eaten poisoned corn at the Wesley Chapel Shopping Center.

“Flushed his stomach essentially got all the poisoned feed out,” said Bayleigh Machaffie with Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.

So far, four birds have been brought to the rescue, most too sick to help.

“So basically when birds ingest the poison seeds, they’re able to fly around a little bit before they start seeing symptoms of the poisoning. So they can get a little ways, but they come from the same intersection,” Machaffie said.

The rescue said the seed is a legal remedy to scare off unwanted birds. But if too much is eaten, it can prove fatal, not just in pigeons, but other pets, even children.

“It’s not good just to have it lying around,” said Machaffie.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue does not know who is spreading the potentially fatal feed, but the hope is the person will see this story and stop.

“Any animal that is mistreated I don’t think is right,” said Machaffie. “They’re not doing anything to you, like anything bad to you.”


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