What Bird Are Considered To Be A Pest?

Pest Bird

The Canada goose, pigeons, starlings, seagulls and house sparrows are the most common pest birds in our area.  Pest birds are responsible for millions of dollars of damage every year.  Bird droppings are highly caustic and eat away at roofing and other structural material.  They contaminate food, water, and anything they touch. They release airborne spores that can be inhaled by customers, workers and family members.  They also carry disease-causing parasites, fleas, ticks, mites, lice and other biting insects.

Are They Dangerous

Pigeon’s droppings and nests are of medical concern because they have over 50 diseases associated with them.  Some of these include histoplasmosis, chlamyiosis, and salmonella. Their droppings are also acidic and may mar many different surfaces. The Canada goose is aggressive at protecting its territory and airport safety is jeopardized as many airport bird strike collisions result from geese roosting in open areas near airports. House sparrows and starlings can be a major nuisance in urban areas due to their nesting, eating, and living habits. Gutters and drainage pipes clogged with sparrow or starling nests can back up and cause extensive water damage. Furthermore, numerous fires have been attributed to electrical shorts from machinery housing sparrow or starling nests.

How To Get Rid Of Them

Controlling these birds can be difficult. That’s why our services may include a combination of products and techniques. Corrective landscaping, barriers, and exclusion methods may all be used to rid your home or business of these nuisance birds. source

Can You DIY?

Due to the complexity of treatment and the time required, pigeons, Canada geese, and house sparrows are generally not a pest many people have success in eradicating on their own. Beware when purchasing products online, as many are not effective. Pesticides are not typically effective against birds and can be harmful to people and pets if they are misused or mixed improperly.

How Soon Can We Come?

Our customers are our top priority. The Pigeon Patrol team will help you as soon as we can

Are These Treatments Safe?

Pigeon Patrol uses the least amount of materials possible while still resolving the problem. We utilize natural products, baits, and mechanical means as a form of treatment whenever possible keeping you, your family, employees, and customers safe.

How To Prevent For The Future

Pest bird problems can be difficult to prevent. Many of our clients choose year-round service against pest birds for the protection of their home or business.

Pigeon Patrol Products & Services is the leading manufacturer and distributor of bird deterrent (control) products in Canada. Pigeon Patrol products have solved pest bird problems in industrial, commercial, and residential settings since 2000, by using safe and humane bird deterrents with only bird and animal friendly solutions. At Pigeon Patrol, we manufacture and offer a variety of bird deterrents, ranging from Ultra-flex Bird Spikes with UV protection, Bird Netting, 4-S Gel and the best Ultrasonic and audible sound devices on the market today.

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