seagullA VIDEO has been published of a seagull attacking and eating a pigeon in Barrow town centre.

The footage was recorded at around 6.30pm last night in Dalton Road, close to the junction with Cavendish Street.

Most types of seagull are ground-nesting carnivores, which take live food or scavenge opportunistically. There have been calls for action to be taken in Barrow to tackle the number of seagull in the town centre and residential areas.

Seagulls are a hot topic for debate around Barrow as many residents consider the birds to be pests or vermin. Others argue the birds are simply doing what is natural and that we should respect their presence.

Earlier this month, Barrow dad Phil Jackson said his four-year-old daughter will no longer visit the town’s park because of the aggressive nature of the seagulls near the pond. Mr Jackson believes drastic action needs to be taken to tackle the problem, which he believes is blighting the whole of Barrow.


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