After Pakistani pigeons Indians are now scared of Pakistani dogs for the same hilarious reason

MUMBAI – Indian media, which leaves no stone unturned to defame Pakistan, believes that Pakistan’s secret agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), is planning to carry out terrorist attacks in Mumbai through pets.

Producing empty rhetoric, Zee News claimed that Pakistan’s intelligence agency can send dogs strapped with explosives to hit the markets and other packed areas of Mumbai and Maharashtra.

According to the news channel, the Mumbai police and Maharashtra anti-terrorist squad have issued alerts to warn the people to inform the police if they find any dog or other pet wearing anything suspicious.

It has also warned that the agency would try to hit the areas through dogs where most destruction could be spread by killing most people. The police have kept a vigilant eye on people roam in the city with animals, the channel said.

Targeting Pakistani film stars and the Prime Minister, the channel concluded,“Raeeson aur shareefon ki bheer ma kbi b koi terrorist ghus sakta hai”.

Earlier, the Indian police had claimed to arrest “spy pigeon” after crossing border from Pakistan carrying a threatening note for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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