Bird Bling: the pigeon with a bread necklace

Bird Bling: the pigeon with a bread necklace

Pigeon with a bread necklace. A new symbol of wealth among pigeon flocks.

Bird Bling. A new symbol of wealth among pigeon flocks.

The pigeon with a bread necklace: How bird got more than he bargained for after searching for food

A peckish pigeon got more than he bargained for when he swooped down to eat a piece of bread – and found himself wearing it instead.

The pigeon couldn’t believe his luck when he spotted the large piece of bread in a park in Poland.

The bird swooped down, grabbed the piece of bread and tossed it up in the air, only for it to land around its neck and out of reach from its beak.

Photographer Jaroslaw Porzezinski, 42, spotted the bird while walking in a park near to his home in Szczecin, Poland.

He said he spotted the bird looking rather sorry for itself as it tried to eat – or at best shake off – its latest accessory.

Jaroslaw said: ‘The poor bird was in a right flap.

‘At first I thought to myself that bird has an unusual collar, he looked really funny.

‘It’s remarkable how he actually ended up wearing the bread, I’m sure its not normal behaviour for a pigeon.’

‘The poor bird must have been hungry so I gave him some food, but I couldn’t get close enough to take the bread off from around his neck.

‘So when I went home this pigeon was still wearing the bread but was pecking away at the food I gave him.’

Though it is a sick chain, were not sure whether they will be featured in any rap videos anytime soon!

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