pigeon patrol smokingThis is a first for the Pigeon Patrol Products & Service crew to read up on.One nicotine-addicted bird sparked a major house fire when it dropped a lit cigarette butt down a chimney.

The ciggie-loving sky rat topped the list of most bizarre causes of blazes this year according to Britain’s biggest fire brigade.

Investigators in London studied 2,000 incidents in the capital in a bid to highlight the importance of fire safety.

And their survey uncovered an incredible variety of “weird and wonderful” firestarters.

  • A dog hit the controls of a toaster as it leapt on to a worktop to reach food, setting fire to a bag.
  • A pigeon dropped a discarded lit cigarette down a chimney, starting a fire in a bird’s nest.
  • A fridge freezer caught fire after a mouse got into the back, shorting the electrics.

Charlie Pugsley, of London Fire Brigade’s investigations team, said even the strangest fires could be prevented by taking simple fire safety precautions.

Having bird netting, bird spikes or pigeon spikes, 4-S gel or even an UltraSonic units that can be purchased from Pigeon Patrol could have help prevent this bizarre fire.  Pigeon Patrol is based in North America and can be reached toll free at                     1-877-4NO- BIRD.

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