NAMPA, Idaho (AP) — Too many pigeons in downtown Nampa have been causing problems for the area’s buildings and patrons.

The urban renewal agency recently approved a plan to allow a city resident to live-trap the pigeons for free, the Idaho Press-Tribune reported.

The birds’ poop is the main concern, said Randy Haverfield, chairman of the agency.

“It’s something to be concerned about,” Haverfield said. “We just need to get (them) under control.”

The poop damages rooftops’ paint and exterior surfaces, said Brian Foster, city facilities management superintendent. The amount is also a health risk to employees performing maintenance on the roofs, he said.

Air is filtered into the city’s library, but the massive amounts of poop on its roof could contain hazardous bacteria.

About 30 pigeons currently occupy the library’s roof. Foster said he has seen that number increase to 60 pigeons.

The resident who will be trapping the birds, Tim Ault, used to trap them in the 1980s when they were a problem downtown. Nampa Mayor Bob Henry vouched for his expertise.

“We’ve got a real problem, and he’s very successful with what he does,” Henry said.

Ault would use the pigeons he traps for dog training, Henry said.

The city has looked into netting to guard the building from the birds, but officials said that could block maintenance work to the structure and would cost about $10,000.

In previous years, the city put spike strips on the parking garage, which is another choice spot for pigeons.


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