pigeon patrolSWANSEA Council has denied its fines for feedings birds could be offensive to some religions.

It follows a decision by Conwy Council not to impose such fines for just that reason.

The north Wales council tweeted that it had been told there was a right to feed birds in certain religions.

But a spokesman for the Swansea authority said: “The council has never been advised of any aspect of feeding birds being related to religion.”

Seagulls and pigeons have become a menace in the city centre with people complaining they are being dive-bombed by the birds and having their food stolen.

Now, anyone caught feeding the birds in the city centre could face a £75 fine.

“However, it is worthwhile noting that the rules do not prevent people from feeding birds, including pigeons and gulls, in Swansea as they only apply in places like the city centre,” added the council spokesman.

“They do not affect people feeding birds on their own property or land.”

He said gulls and pigeons left a mess on shops and street furniture and food on the ground encouraged more of them to circle the city centre.

“There have even been cases where people say they have been attacked by gulls in the city centre for their snacks.”

But he added: “People issued with fixed penalty notices are entitled to appeal against the decision.”


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