6973210-3x2-700x467Several pigeons are trapped under netting put up by Primark last week.

Residents in Westgate Street are able to see the rooftop netting from their windows and say the scene is a “real horror show”.

They are calling on the Stall Street business to set the pigeons free and to secure the netting to stop other birds getting trapped.

The netting was erected to cover Primark’s air conditioning units on Tuesday July 28- to prevent pigeons from roosting there.

Paul Beresford has lived on Westgate Street for 16 years and has come to know the birds well, even raising a baby pigeon at one point.

He believes this bird is one of the birds trapped under the net.

The 54-year-old says it is distressing to see trapped birds trying to find a way out, as well as birds on the outside of the netting trying to reach birds inside.

He said: “The pigeon I’m talking about was evicted from somewhere else by the council. I took him on, winged and fledged him, and let him go.

“He has been back to see me and is one of the few birds I have looked after who has done that. He has remembered me and he has now got a mate.

“These creatures mate for life and they are touchingly affectionate parents.

“It’s a real horror show. In one way the pigeons might be better off dead. To be separated from their mate- it’s torture for them.

“It’s distressing watching them in distress.”


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