A group of behavioral scientists carefully gathered two sets of pigeons and put them in separate cages. Each cage was equipped with one green button and one red button. In one of the cages if the birds pecked the green button they received a generous portion of food every time. In the other, the green button yielded food erratically and the pigeons had to persist to receive their share of food. In both cases; pecking the red button did absolutely nothing. Surprisingly both sets of birds found out what worked and what didn’t! In both cases they thrived; both sets of pigeons were smart enough to learn very quickly to avoid the red button that produced absolutely nothing.

Now I already know what you are going to ask me. You are thinking, “Dr. J what has this have to do with us or anything spiritual?” It has a lot to do with us and those that we come in contact with every day as we travel the pathway of life. Why aren’t we or the people we observe as smart as those pigeons? What do I mean by that last statement? Why can’t we or those that we see every day of our lives able to avoid the red button issues in their life? Why are people still smoking when they know that it causes cancer? Smoking is a red button issue and yet I see young and old who refuse to heed the warnings. It blows my mind! Years down the road they will regret every cigarette that they have ever smoked. But do you know what? It will be too late. Therefore they continue to hit “the red button” while all the while knowing that sooner or later the “repo man” will arrive!

What about the red button of drugs and those in our community and around the world who are addicted to them? How many public service announcements have been aired over the years and yet the drug addicted keep “hitting the red button” hoping for a different outcome. How many times has the rescue squad been called to the scene of a drug overdose only to give the person a shot to bring them back around only to give them another opportunity to do it again and again!

Too many of us have other issues in our lives that we know that are harmful spiritually and yet we invest our lives in empty, meaningless or even harmful activities. We have a way of continually hitting red buttons that always result in a negative outcome.

Listen, Christians are not exempt! We as children of the King of kings need to eliminate our own red button issues. We need to learn through experience and hard work to accept personal responsibility for every area of our life. True, we were not responsible for our upbringing and early training, but as adults we are totally responsible for our recovery, our actions, and our well-being! We cannot fault find by blaming others. That is the plague that is engulfing our society; no one wants to take responsibility for their actions! It is time to take personal responsibility! Quit playing Adam and Eve blaming everyone except the one who is to blame and take a personal stand for integrity and righteousness.

Please understand that we need to remind ourselves that we are not only responsible for ourselves and what we do, but we are also responsible before God. Never forget that life is short and one day we will meet the Creator face to face. Remember we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. So with that in mind; start hitting “the green button” taking personal responsibility while making a difference in our community and the Church of Jesus Christ!


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