North Korea has released posters that promote inter-Korean cooperation, in the lead-up to its participation in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Pyongyang’s move comes amid speculations that it is reaching out to Seoul to dampen the growing alliance between the latter and Washington.

North Korean posters are notorious for their militaristic and anti-American messages, but the ones released by North Korea’s Uriminzokkiri propaganda website last week stressed cross-border relations, and specifically reconciliation, solidarity, self-reliance and unification.

One of the posters depicts a “unified Korea” flag that shows an undivided Korean Peninsula on the one hand and a group of people carrying the flags walking side by side on the other.

The poster states, “Let us actively form an atmosphere aimed at reconciliation and unification,” and has slogans commonly used by the North in its strategy for the South, such as “uriminzokkiri,” meaning “on our own as a nation, “solidarity of the people,” “self-reliant unification” and “self-reliance of the people.”

A different poster that shows people looking up to a brightly shining Peninsula, states, “Improvement on the North-South relations in 2018” and “Let us light up this meaningful year and leave a noteworthy record of achievements!”

A third poster portrays a boy and a girl dressed in traditional Korean clothing releasing pigeons into the sky, as the pigeons fly in a formation in the shape of the Peninsula.

It shows a black missile that states, “U.S. rehearsal for invasion of the North,” being shattered into pieces. The poster also states, “Let’s ease military tension between the North and the South and prepare a peaceful environment on the Peninsula first!”


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