Pigeon Patrol GunPigeons will be culled at Mawson Lakes in Adelaide after businesses hired a professional shooter to manage the feral population.

Pest controller, professional shooter and experienced cleaner Sean O’Shea said northern suburbs residents were worried because the birds’ droppings were “very corrosive and very toxic”.

“Some people say it’s more deadly than asbestos,” he said.

“It’s not just the health issues … it continues to damage air conditioners, roofs, et cetera.

“It’s also damage to buildings, slip and trip hazards as well.”

Department of Environment and Natural Resources animal welfare manager Deb Kelly denied the State Government was “sitting on its hands”.

She said the Government was not responsible for dealing with pigeons on private property.

“You wouldn’t expect to say, ‘I’ve got a mouse in my kitchen and the State Government has to go do something about it’,” Ms Kelly said.

Everybody has to do a proper cull of them and make sure they’re removed properly … otherwise they’ll just breed up in the next property.

Professional shooter Sean O’Shea

“It really is the landholders’ responsibility.

“But the big thing is, I think, people have to stop feeding them and have to start putting their rubbish in the bin.”

Ms Kelly said residents needed to be proactive about the threat of feral pests in their area before populations grew to unmanageable numbers.

“People think they’re pretty and lovely until the numbers get big and then they think, ‘I’ve got a problem’,” she said.

“If you want to eradicate any feral pest, you really have to get them while the population is low.”

Mr O’Shea said there were a number of techniques used to control pests such as trapping and shooting, but urged residents to work together.

“Some people do something and the next door neighbour won’t,” he said.

“Everybody has to do a proper cull of them and make sure they’re removed properly … otherwise they’ll just breed up in the next property.”

Mr O’Shea said he was fully qualified and licensed to shoot pigeons.


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