Ultrasonic Mighty Boom


Deterring birds and other animals from large, open areas is a difficult task for anyone. Ultrasonic frequency defense is the best option for these types of areas. The Ultrasonic Mighty Boom can travel up to 3 acres making the frequency impossible to avoid!   In stock!!

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The Ultrasonic Impact series are the best bird and animal deterrent systems on the market today.
This perfect unit, offers frequency ranges from 8 kHz to 24 kHz offering 13 different settings.

The TubeSonic emits over 100 natural recorded predator, urban, human, bird /animal distress calls and other environment sounds designed to startle, confuse, disorient, and intimidate pesky birds or animals.

Choices include:
Pigeon, Seagulls, Crows, Woodpeckers, Small Birds, Deer, Raccoon, Skunks, Small Animals Coyotes, Chipmunk and Squirrels. Deter loitering teenagers on the low Ultrasonic frequencies!

Find out more, including PDF downloads, on our product page: UltraSonic & Sound Repellers

Ultrasonic Sound Repellers

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Additional information

Operating System

Raspberry Pi with WiFi running as an access point. Raspberry Pi running Apache with a web interface playing ultrasonic frequencies and sounds into an amplifier that signals into horn driver tweeter unit. System accessible via the internet and any with most phones.


12.5" x 6" x 6"


1 to 3 acres

Power Requirements

110v AC


6 months manufacturer warranty period from the date of purchase.

Pigeon Patrol always recommends before installing any of its deterrent products, remove any unintentional food sources, nests and droppings. Remember to clean any infected area thoroughly. Many deterrent products are not a one-shot instant solution and may require continual positioning. Fixed deterrents (such as spikes and netting), ensure that you have covered all possible areas where bird may roost or nest. Remember to always follow your cities rules and regulations on nest and bird deterrents and removal.