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Protecting large warehouses, hangars, or other facilities where other bird deterrents would be too cumbersome? Laser units can help you protect a large area by disrupting and annoying birds so they won’t come back. We recommend you use this device with a programmable timer to help deter the birds while having a set it and forget it product.

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These Laser units have enough out put power to create stunning laser effects to deter most birds in small to large areas. Our mini laser produces more than 200 beams that rotate back and forth creating deterrent effects that can be projected anywhere to scare off the birds. This laser is safe to use and complies with FDA standards. It is easy to use – just plug it in and run the laser’s built-in lighting programs in Auto or Sound Active mode. Includes the UC Laser IR wireless remote center and one transmitter for the Airstream IR App for iOS devices.


Working voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz Power: 60W Laser power: RGB 600mw Laser wavelength: green light: 532nm or 520nm red light: 650nm or 638nm blue light: 450nm Modulation signal: TTL modulation Laser color: full color Scanning system: 15-20kpps galvanometer Scanning angle: ±25° Laser pattern: 15 groups of patterns, 1900 patterns(you need use a DMXcontroller to see all the patterns) Cooling system: forced cooling of the fan Working environment: indoor (10-35°) Channel mode: 34CHS Net weight: 1.8KG

We recommend you use this device with a programmable timer to help deter the birds while having a set it and forget it product. Included, the Stanley TimerMax Digislim will turn the laser unit ON/OFF automatically. The timer program repeats daily. It has a polarized outlet and a LCD screen with visual indicators and does not block second outlet. Rated: 120V/5A/600W. 60W T. For best results in bird deterrent: Turn laser on at night to disrupt the birds sleeping pattern.  For best results try 30 mins for the first week and add 30 mins weekly until desired results are achieved.                                               

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Laser Repellers

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Laser 30 Mini (Green Laser)


(LxWxH): 7.25” x 7” x 2.5” / 182 x 174 x 62mm

Input Voltage

DC 12V Power Supply, 11W consumption max


Pigeon Patrol always recommends before installing any of its deterrent products, remove any unintentional food sources, nests and droppings. Remember to clean any infected area thoroughly. Many deterrent products are not a one-shot instant solution and may require continual positioning. Fixed deterrents (such as spikes and netting), ensure that you have covered all possible areas where bird may roost or nest. Remember to always follow your cities rules and regulations on nest and bird deterrents and removal.

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