Mesh Bird Exclusion Netting 3/4″


Mesh netting is useful to prevent birds and animals from nesting, landing, or climbing on large areas with many crevices or oddly shaped, such as warehouse ceilings, underground parkades, and large roof under hangs.

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Mesh Bird Exclusion Netting
Our High Performance Mesh Netting acts as a physical barrier to exclude birds from open areas.
High performance three quarter inch (3/4″) bird mesh netting.
This polypropylene netting is strongly woven (6 strands woven together), and carries a 75 pound breakage threshold.
Our mesh is woven from six interlocking strands of black polypropylene and is resistant to mold, mildew and most other elements. The polypropylene is UV stabilized for protection from the sun and is purposely woven tightly for extreme cold weather.
Its flexibility is magnificent and designed to give you the best protection against small animals and birds.

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Mesh Bird Exclusion Netting

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3/4" hexagon netting that comes in these dimensions:
25×25 feet (625 sq. ft. coverage)
25×50 feet (1250 sq. ft. coverage)
50×50 feet (2500 sq. ft. coverage)


Strongly woven polypropylene netting with a 75 pound breakage threshold, UV stabilized for protection from the sun, tightly woven for extreme cold weather protection, and resistant to mold and mildew. This mesh is woven from multiple interlocking strands of black polypropylene and will stretch and adjust to many different dimensions.


Extremely simple to install using staples, straps, fasteners or hog rings.


All mesh netting comes with a 10 year warranty against breakage or damage due to sun or exposure.

Pigeon Patrol always recommends before installing any of its deterrent products, remove any unintentional food sources, nests and droppings. Remember to clean any infected area thoroughly. Many deterrent products are not a one-shot instant solution and may require continual positioning. Fixed deterrents (such as spikes and netting), ensure that you have covered all possible areas where bird may roost or nest. Remember to always follow your cities rules and regulations on nest and bird deterrents and removal.