Since your column talks a lot about crows … For the last few years I have had two crows with a white feather on their wing and believed it was something white they had gotten into – maybe paint. Later I heard they were from Nova Scotia. I wonder if that’s true? Did they fly all the way over here?

Anyway, you asked me where Bear River got its name. Well, at one time a lot of bears lived in the woods here in Bear River and there are many rivers flowing through the trees. The bears are all gone now but as I walk through the trails I wonder if one might be lurking in the woods.

We have a walking trail back of our home and there’s an old tree with the bark all shaved off and sawdust down all around the tree on the ground. I heard a commotion around that area for days now and saw two Northern Flickers flying around. I thought I’d take a look and found a perfectly round hole in the tree that looked like a carpenter had drilled it out. How exciting. It’s carved perfectly round.

A red bucket has been hanging on the branch below the woodpecker hole for years and when I peeked inside there was a big pile of sawdust. It must have come from the hole because when I was sitting on my hammock, I saw the woodpecker pounding away at the hole and sawdust was flying everywhere. It made me wonder if he looked at that sawdust and was quite proud of his accomplishment.

While I am writing to you Brenda, do you know what kind of seeds woodpeckers eat? We have lots of little black and white woodpeckers with little red hats on the back of their heads. Maybe they eat more than insects.

In the trail behind my home I spotted an owl on a tree and then realized there were three of them. I can hear them hooting close by at night.


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