Pigeon Patrol Postman

I will not get Shat on!

Right up our alley: These people should call on the Pigeon Patrol for all their pigeon deterrent needs. It seems that Postal workers are refusing to deliver mail to a woman’s home because they are scared of slipping on – pigeon droppings.

Frustrated Heather Rogers, 63, has been told the amount of bird waste in an alleyway leading to her house is a health and safety risk.

Pigeons gather on top of a wall above the small alley in Helston, Cornwall, and regularly pelt the path with droppings.

When Heather noticed some of her mail wasn’t arriving when she went to the post office to pick it up it had been marked ”too slippery”.

Officials at Royal Mail have told her that it is up to each postal worker to decide if they want to walk on the pigeon droppings.Pigeon Patrol Shat car

Heather said: “I went to the post office and they said they hadn’t been going down there because it was too slippery with all the pigeons. One neighbour of Heather’s said postal workers were being ”ridiculous” in not delivering . She said: ”There are a lot of pigeons here and they do make a bit of a mess, but it’s not too bad.”

These gals need some bird spikes or pigeon spikes, a wee bit of netting and some ultrasonic sounds to get their mail delivered.