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Pigeons. They’re just rats with feathers, right? But nobody wants to see them suffer, even if they are trespassing. The birds apparently got caught between the roof of a strip mall and a drop ceiling in a hair salon during a renovation job.

Employees at the Style America salon at Central and Tramway removed some of the ceiling panels, hoping that the birds would fly down and out the door. No luck. The fat little knuckleheads just squat up there doing what pigeons do – which leads to worries about illness and disease from pigeon poop.

“With some basic precautions, unless you’re going to put yourself right in contact with it, there’s really very little risk,” said biologist Justin Stevenson who runs a Los Lunas-based company called RD Wildlife Management. “That’s based on a tremendous amount of science and research, which is what we base everything on.“

Stevenson did say people with immune system issues do need to worry about even small amounts of pigeon droppings. He said that based on his experience, there is probably a way in and out for the pigeons, and people in the building see them roosting and think they’re trapped. He said if in fact they are trapped, he will conduct a rescue operation for free.

A Style America customer said she called City Hall at 311 to get some help, but learned that the city is not in the business of removing pigeons from private property. It’s up to the owner or the tenants to deal with it.

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