Pigeon Patrol has cleaned up several bridges and know how this city feels:pigeon Patrol Bridge
WICHITA, Kan. -Eric Wittman walks to work from his downtown Wichita apartment. He passes under the Douglas Street bridge twice a day. “It’s filthy. It’s dirty. I’ve been hit by pigeons,” said Wittman.Wittman says the pigeons are causing a stinky problem in the underpass. “They’ve pooped on me twice.”

That’s why he and many other downtown residents want to see some upgrades to the area.

Wittman says people choose to drive between the two areas.

“I think if you were able to get rid of the pigeons, lighten it up, make it feel safe, I think a lot can be done to make this a place that people would want to travel,” said Wittman.

Some of the most popular ideas for the upgraded underpass include interactive LED lighting and event promotions. 

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