Dozens of pigeons are recovering after the birds were discovered in a dumpster at a highway rest stop in Northwest Indiana.

Indiana State Police say the 57 birds were packed into boxes at a rest stop on I-65 north of Lafayette when they were found Dec. 10.

Kelly Thomas of the animal rescue organization “A Critters Chance” says the birds were caked in filth and unable to move.

Some birds died of malnutrition, but the rest appear to be getting better, she said.

“They’re starting to preen themselves. They’re trying to flap their wings. They’re gaining strength, they’re perching,” Thomas said.

The pigeons will be placed up for adoption, and she says they make great pets.

“Pigeons are quiet and they are affectionate and smart. They are very pretty. They’re just very good birds,” Thomas said.

Police believe the pigeons were used in an illegal pigeon-gambling race.


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