Pigeons are splattering gooey droppings on downtown Kearney. Now, business owners are putting pressure on the Downtown Improvement Board to make sure the poop doesn’t cut into profit.

Assistant City Manager Paul Briseno says there are several flocks of pigeons throughout Kearney, but it’s the one by the tracks downtown that have some running for cover.

“It’s been some sort of a problem for a long time,” said Linda Seals, owner of K-Town Cakes & More.

Briseno says the city estimates as many as 400 pigeons are flying, perching and pooping in downtown Kearney.

“We’re just having a lot of problems with the pigeons making messes on the sidewalk and in front of the store, and it’s not very appealing to your customers,” said Seals.

K-Town Cakes & More has been in the heart of Kearney for the past four years, and Seals says the pigeons sit inside awnings to stay warm.

“They had made a home, their little nest there. That was their place to go,” said Seals.

That has forced her and other businesses to install bird spikes to keep the pests from landing.

“We thought that would probably be the most humane thing to do to keep them away,” said Seals.

Other business owners brought their concerns to the Downtown Improvement Board.

“One of them was a hair salon, and they mentioned how a lot of times when their clients would leave the property, sometimes they would have to navigate through the pigeons defecating, if you will, on the ground as they left,” said Briseno.

Briseno says the board has taken the first step to getting rid of the muck.

“We took some bids, and are looking at some humane approaches to taking care of the matter,” said Briseno.

Briseno says once a bid is accepted, the board will know exactly when the birds will be pushed out.


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