When a group of students discarded an old mop on their dormitory balcony before the holidays they didn’t give it a moment’s thought.

But when they returned after the break they found a family of birds had made a nest on top of the mop head.

Now their balcony is home to a group of baby pigeons.

A picture of the scene was posted online by one of the students who uses the Reddit handle Aelegius.

“I live in a dormitory in Estonia and one of my roommates threw one of our old mops out on our third-floor balcony,” Aelegius told the Press Association.

“We often see pigeons around our building, but would never have thought they’d decide to nest here.

“We had a few weeks’ break from school for exam preparation and discovered those baby birds when we returned. I couldn’t describe my surprise upon seeing them.”

The birds had fashioned a regular nest of twigs on top of the mop head, with a wall giving them am extra buffer from the wind.

“I had never before seen baby pigeons before. I adore watching our pigeon family outside our kitchen window.”

Aelegius, who is due to graduate this year and then go to university, added: “The balcony had turned into quite a mess though, so we’ll definitely remember to not leave any mops out in the future.”


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