Residents in a Victorian building in south west London are being ‘cooped’ up in the sweltering heat, because pigeons keep invading their homes. They’ve been warned not to open their windows in a desperate bid to keep the birds out. One resident at the block of four flats in Wandsworth said she found a pigeon sat on her hob when she went to make a cup of tea. Other residents have reported pigeons watching them in the bathroom and pecking at windows to be let in. HEY! (Picture: SWNS) One resident said: ‘I don’t know what’s gone on in our building in the past, but these birds definitely have an uncanny interest in it. What makes things stranger is that you never see any other birds in the area.’ A 24-year-old court clerk who lives in the block said she found a pigeon in her kitchen this morning. ‘As I walked into the kitchen, I couldn’t believe my eyes – this massive fat pigeon was sat right on the middle of my hob. I could see the bird eyeing me up through the glass panes in the door.’ The pigeon only left when her boyfriend came to shoo it away with a broom. ‘There’s another pigeon too that keeps sitting on the windowsill in our bathroom and stares at me when I’m in the shower. It’s really unnerving – if I hang a towel over the window, it just pecks the glass. I’m terrified it’s going to break in one day,’ she added. One resident found a pigeon sitting on her hob (Picture: SWNS) The situation seems to have now reached breaking-point as a sign has been affixed to the communal notice board warning residents not to open the windows. A 27-year-old, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘They’re getting really bold at the moment. ‘One nearly got in yesterday, but I managed to shoo it just in time. It’s so hot, and it would be great to have the windows wide open. But the pigeons are keeping us cooped up in here.’ A sign has been fixed to the communal notice board warning residents not to open the windows (Picture: SWNS) One of the pigeons made its way inside the building (Picture: SWNS) In a video taken by the resident, another pigeon can be seen staring through the bathroom window. He said: ‘I noticed the pigeon while I was brushing my teeth. It was probably there for a full minute in total. I know this sounds silly, but I found it really arrogant.’ His flatmate added: ‘It’s a power struggle. I really do not like them, and the issue is that they defecate everywhere which is really an unsanitary way to live.’ Wandsworth Council, who are in charge of pest control in the area, have been approached for a comment.


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